Inspire a Love of Reading at Ocean Academy Charter School!

Plant the seeds of a love of reading at Ocean Academy Charter School! Join Inspire Wellness* as we help grow the school library and watch young readers bloom. Thank you for your support!

Ocean Academy Charter School, located in Lakewood, NJ, is proud to provide a personalized education to their 400 students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. They pay special attention to Mexican culture and practices to make the families (over 90% Mexican) feel “at home”.

Ocean Academy is a Title 1 school, the federal designation based on the number of students living at or below the federal poverty line. Currently, Ocean Academy is more than 90% Title 1. This level is higher than the cities of Newark and Camden.

The school started with Kindergarten through 3rd grade classes and continues to grow every year upwards from the bottom by 60 students entering Kindergarten. The school is approved to expand to Kindergarten through 8th grade, with an expected total of 540 students.

Ocean Academy is most fortunate to have been able to have a building built (quite difficult for charter schools) and has purchased the school from their builder. Included in the building is a library room… but NO BOOKS.

Inspire Wellness is excited to host this project to benefit the library at Ocean Academy Charter School! There are three ways you can contribute to the effort of getting books in the school’s library. You can choose to make a monetary donation; 100% of the funds raised will be used to purchase books for Ocean Academy. Usborne Books & More, a leader in children’s book publishing, will donate an additional amount of FREE BOOKS to the library, equal to 50% of the monetary donations made. Click here to make a monetary donation.

You can purchase books that have been hand-selected by Ocean Academy for their library and have them shipped to Inspire Wellness! The team at Inspire Wellness will gather these books and deliver them to Ocean Academy at the end of this project. If you plan to purchase books for Ocean Academy from their Book Wish List, you MUST place that as a separate order. Please use this address for purchases made from the Ocean Academy Book Wish List:

Inspire Wellness Team

266 Harristown Rd.

Suite 209

Glen Rock, NJ  07452

Click here to shop the Ocean Academy Book Wish List!

For the duration of this fundraiser, you can also purchase books for YOUR reader! Usborne Books & More will donate additional FREE BOOKS to the library, equal to 50% of the total book sales. Books for your own reader(s) MUST be placed as a separate order from any donations. Click here to make a purchase for your own reader and have your books shipped directly to you!

The project will be from Monday, May 16th through Monday, June 6th. Thank you for inspiring a love of reading!

*Inspire Wellness is a private practice that provides psychological, educational and performance services. We believe in integration, collaboration, and quality clinical service. We employ mental health therapists from various disciplines, including psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, and coaches. Our therapists offer services for all ages and for a range of presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, performance anxiety, grief and substance abuse.